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Veronica Mars, the last two episodes.


Why, why do I keep going back to the TWOP forums to see what people are saying?


  • Hooray all the callbacks. Real use of Weevil! Real use of Wallace!
  • Clarence Wiedman! Jake Kane! Picture of Lily (who I actually couldn't figure out who it was, until I saw Duncan's)
  • And Vinnie, of course. And Leo still. And even the one deputy. Callback heaven. Total loveletter to the fans.
  • The ending is so noir! Somebody watched The Third Man recently. Plus full circle in so many ways; Veronica's pariahness (and accusations of sluthood), Keith's downfall, Logan as pyschotic jackass. And yet the full-circleness didn't feel particular forced. I mean, some of the plotting was eh, but the whole setups leading to full-circledness didn't feel very forced, and I didn't realize that's where it was leading.
  • The whole shmoopy thing with Piz at the beginning kind of pissed me off as overlong and over-shmoopy, but it turned out to be for a good cause.
  • Trusting the audience to understand things. No Network-Veronica-Voiceovers. No explanation for why the sex "tape" was filmed (not hard to figure out, but they just never bothered saying it out loud)
  • The whole Veronica voting for Keith thing at the end was played out very nicely. The characters are there for each other (even though it's clear that Keith is going to lose (even if it's not clear to TWOP forum posters))
  • I had trouble believing that Veronica, so serious about wanting to do the FBI thing, goes breaking-and-entering over a sex-tape. The risk of her getting caught is so crazy high, and especially after the vibes from the first half I was seriously worried about her health. But I suppose it's totally consistent with everything she's done in the past. I just have trouble with the fact she hasn't started getting those things under check... but hey, it's noir.
  • I'm kind of not sure I believe Keith, after Veronica lies to him about it, doesn't finally decide she's made her bed and now she has to lie in it. But, again, probably totally consistent. It's just, the depths of him letting her walk over him have never been so clear, and it makes the character seem so weak.
  • I'm really unhappy with Veronica returning the hard drive and not leaking any of the information. The thing is full of recordings of criminal wrongdoings, that are being used to intimidate/blackmail the criminal wrongdoers. Of course, theoretically it's only used to keep members of the group in line and playing ball--but that ball-playing could itself be criminal, and indeed there could be some not-accepted pledges who are still being blackmailed with it! This is the single thing that really struck me as wrong and unconvincing. Indeed, Veronica clearly implies that she still has copies of this stuff since there's no way she can stop Clarence from just taking the hard drive back from her, so I suppose in theory she could still release it (we could have had some kind of Watchmen-esque of her mailing it to the press or the FBI). Overall, what happened feels like the sort of compromise Veronica would make with the right motivation, but she wasn't given the right motivation for it to really work, and it's just done this way because 'the bad guys get away with it' is the noir ending.

So, yeah, as I expected. Thanks Rob, it was appreciated. Thanks, cast and crew. Thanks UPN and The CW.
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