not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


Ok, I know this already went around, but I wanted to point out a particularly stupid aspect of it that I haven't seen mentioned.

Ms. Kalin-Casey, who manages an apartment building here with her husband, John Casey, was a bit shaken when she tried a new feature in Google's map service called Street View. She typed in her address and the screen showed a street-level view of her building. As she zoomed in, she could see Monty, her cat, sitting on a perch in the living room window of her second-floor apartment.

Ok, I understand, she's upset on the principle of it, not that there's actually anything wrong with this particular picture? Right, ok, I can sympathize with th... oh, wait:

She has asked Google to remove the image of her building, which was still online as of Thursday evening.

Ok, so wait, she's not just mad in principle; she actually has a problem with a picture from outside her building that shows some of its interior, including her cat, and is clearly associated with her personal information.

Meanwhile, this photograph ran at the top of the above story, on the internet, with the caption identifying her (and her cat) by name:

Umm... Moron?
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