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music meme

dwenius gave me the letter G and memed me to name my 10 favorite songs starting with that letter. Right this very second, these are:

  1. Gepetto - Belly (So he's lying on top again--just like Gepetto with his dolls.)
  2. Geek The Girl - Lisa Germano (Perfect and dull decorates; perfect and dull, keeping the cool from coming out. Yeah.)
  3. Golem II: The Bionic Vapor Boy - Mr. Bungle
  4. Got No Soul - Cop Shoot Cop (Late for work again today--somebody's lying down on the job again. Will you people please stop jumping under my train?)
  5. German Song - Come (No more sweets for you; there's nothing safe for you. I'm sorry little girl; we'll find another world.)
  6. Get Up - Sleater-Kinney (And when the body finally starts to let go, let it all go at once, not piece by piece, but like a whole bucket of stars dumped into the universe)
  7. Girls! Girls! Girls! - Liz Phair (You've been around enough to know that, if I wanna leave, you better let me go; because I take full advantage of every man I meet.)
  8. Get Off - Juliana Hatfield (It doesn't matter what I say; you're gonna crush me anyway. It doesn't matter what I do; you'll find a way to crush it too.)
  9. Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac (Loving you isn't the right thing to do. How can I ever change things that I feel?)
  10. Girlfriend in a Coma - The Smiths (Girlfriend in a coma--I know, I know, it's serious.)

I've added the first lines of the song to the meme because personally I don't know half of these songs by name at all, and also to give you something to see if you don't know the song.

Here are a few noteworthy songs that only start with G if you ignore the "The":

  • The Girl From Ipanema - Getz/Gilberto
  • The Great Curve - Talking Heads
  • The Great Deceiver - King Crimson
  • The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd

Oddly, no Beatles songs even made the top 20 that I culled down further. Also, you know what's a pretty good song I don't own and haven't heard in 15 years that I thought of while looking at all these song names? The Housemartins "Get Up Off Our Knees".

Expanded notes: I can tell you WHY I picked these songs:

  1. Gepetto - Belly Although I prefer King, this song is part of a trifecta of songs I love from Star, the other two being Feed the Tree and Slow Dog. All three (maybe FtT less so) have a similar up-temponess and fluffy happiness (musically) that I just love. Plus who can deny a lyric like "So that kid from the bad house came over my house again--decapitated all my dolls".
  2. Geek The Girl: Lisa Germano Not my favorite song from this album, but when it mock "rocks out" and offers up the "I kinda like rock & roll" line, it puts a smile on my face. Also one of the most interesting arrangements on the album, because of the way it builds throughout.
  3. Golem II: The Bionic Vapor Boy - Mr. Bungle A good example of the "wait, I didn't know the parameter space of 'music' even included something like this" feeling this album gives me. The extra beats in the main line are kinda awkward (intentionally?), but the structural '3 measures of the main song, 2 measures of wackiness' that shows up throughout is awesome.
  4. Got No Soul - Cop Shoot Cop One of the two showpiece songs from the album (the other is $10 bill), although I like every single song on it, and the opening track is probably my favorite.
  5. German Song - Come Come is this band that I knew nothing about until I saw them because Firewater (the band formed by the Cop Shoot Cop front man) opened for them. A lot of what they do has a heavy grunge blues feel, but this is one of their songs that uses a lot of clean instruments but slowly builds to their normal sound. (The lyric above doesn't even appear until 3:04 into the song.)
  6. Get Up - Sleater-Kinney Good combination of nice guitar riffs and a mix of vocal styles (e.g. the spoken verses)
  7. Girls! Girls! Girls! - Liz Phair Short and to the point, plus a unique arrangement (without being totally over the top)
  8. Get Off - Juliana Hatfield I only love this for the main riff, that is for the first ten seconds (you won't!). I strongly prefer other songs off this EP, but whatever: those ten seconds. At this particular moment in time, I couldn't in good conscious accept "Good Morning, Good Morning" or "Got To Get You Into My Life" over those ten seconds.
  9. Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac Still a classic.
  10. Girlfriend in a Coma - The Smiths Likewise. Also I know how to play it, which tends to bias my opinion. This and Golem II were the only songs on this list I didn't bother listening to while evaluating. But I will now.

If you want me to pick a letter for you, comment.
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