not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Spent the day (yesterday and last night) working on all my "open source" projects, finally merging some various submissions and doing various tweaks:

  • added support for compiling stb_vorbis without depending on the C runtime library so that users who want to do that don't have to keep remerging changes (there being one such user, anyway)
  • added TGA reading support to stb_image using user-submitted code (actually he didn't submit it per se, but he modded it and left the code public domain so I was able to add it back) -- i haven't mentioned this library since releasing, but it now reads JPG/PNG/BMP/TGA, and writes BMP/TGA.
  • a few more tweaks to imv(stb) including a primitive slideshow mode

I also hacked on my music editor: back when I was on vacation I'd tried to mod it to load audio files in the background for streaming (at the time it streamed, but it did it by loading a little at a time in the main thread). Everything went horribly wrong and I gave up. So I finally figured it out and fixed it--first, the horrible popping that started seemed to be a separate problem from changing the buffer sizes to be larger, when I changed them back it was fine. Then the background IO stuff basically just worked, except that there was a tiny bug when you stopped a sample playing but there were still background packets for that sample queued up--those would keep playing. Trivial fix and yay it works. (I can't actually TELL that it's streaming in the background, though, because the foreground streaming was working fine anyway!)
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