not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Haven't posted any music in a while, so I'll dig into the archives and give you what I suspect is the single best thing I've ever written:

And it's probably the best thing I've written despite the triviality (and laziness) of the backing track, and the fact that nearly 2/3rds of it is just improvised guitar "solo".

(Indeed, for me this was just a typical 4-track experiment of the day, where I said 'ok, I've "learned" modes, now I'm going to try playing with altered scales', and I wrote out some scales, worked out chord progressions that stayed within those scales, recorded those progressions on track 1, improvised over them on track 2, and then did some trivial production magic on the remaining tracks. But the fact that the scales were new to me forced me to work harder (to not be lazy?) with the improvised melodies, and the 'composed' melodies are pretty great too (indeed, it received its name to reflect the fact that this wasn't the sort of things I usually wrote at the time). And I think my choice to withhold the production trick most of the time pays off great.)

This came up on shuffle play on my ipod today, and connects with an issue I've been working on in my orchestral composing (my tendency to fall back on writing solos over chord progressions).
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