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That last post got interrupted because Art showed up to give me a ride to game night.

So I spent Thursday, July 4th at a party at Robin & Oren's. I had met most of their friends there at Thanksgiving. There was one other single guy there, one childless couple, and everyone else had kids. Which is a little weird to deal with--there's a real tendency to discussing kids-related stuff--when not dealing with the kids directly--and I'm not much of a kid person.

Friday I came back--1.5 hours on Caltrain, a 15-25 minute walk across SF to the nearest Bart station, a 15-minute Bart ride to Lake Merritt bart, and then the 10-15 minute walk home. Then I spent a little time catching up on email, showering, and next thing you know it was 5pm and I then spent 30 minutes walking to Chris & Jen's for an event that started at 5pm.

Chris and Jen's version of things
First was a pre-wedding barbecue. At the wedding I counted 60 but I heard 80; there were slightly fewer at the barbecue, but most people made it. Jen & Chris have a house in Oakland a few blocks from the Rockridge border, it's a gorgeous, large house with a decent-sized back yard, which had been redone for the wedding with a nice garden and a cool multi-level thing going on. I probably knew around ten people, maybe a few more that I recognized but couldn't remember who they were. The barbecue was officially scheduled to run until 9pm; I think we (me and the ride-giving-Art and my friend/ex-coworker/ex-roommate Doug) left around 11pm, and were basically last to go. I can't really remember what all that time was spent doing.

Saturday, the sixth, I went shopping around noon to buy undershirts since I had none. (I was planning to wear a suit sans jacket and tie--pretty much in the middle of the casual-formal spectrum in attendence.) I left the house around 2:45 to walk to the wedding proper. Official arrival time was 3pm, officially events to start at 3:30pm. So I got there, said hi to people again, drank a little. We had the official reenactment of the marriage (they got married in November) quite late--4:15 or so, because Chris was running late. (Ironically, as he pointed out, one of his vows promised to be more aware of time and prioritizing being on time when it affects Jen.)

Dinner followed. Conversation steered frequently to computers and computer games, since most of Chris' friends are from the game industry or from Microsoft. I was seated at the putative singles table: nine people, including one couple, one single female, one married female (sans husband), one engaged female (sans fiance), two single males, and two males I don't know their status. I was seated next to the engaged female, who I hadn't previously met, and we had a nice talk--she'd played adventure games on her C64 back in the day, we talked a bit about the philosophy of games as art, shared our experiences with living/visiting many places ("people are the same everywhere"), and shared our dislike for New York city (where she lives). Dancing followed, and I avoided it because I feel like I can't dance. I got lured out later and complimented by the person I was dancing with when I said something self-deprecating about my dance skills, so I dunno whether I've gotten better and I'm just to self-conscious or if she was just being polite. Went and talked with somebody I hadn't really talked one-on-one much before, who maybe will be a possible source of contract work in the future. Hung out on the dance floor as it shrunk down to mostly people I knew (including bride and groom off and on), but I wasn't very energetic about it, as it was mostly generic dance music and funk, and if I don't like the music I can't get very into it. Dancing finally died sometime between 9:30 and 10:30, and we hung out until 1am or so, when Art gave me a ride yet again.

I think I told four different stories to diferent people about what I'm doing now, offering different balances of the perspective on my Ultima Underworld-clone versus the currently smaller project I'm toying with versus the very small puzzle games like Chromatron.

On Sunday there were plans to go to Thai brunch at the Buddhist(?) temple, but instead Jen suggested we come back to their house and eat the leftovers from the catered wedding reception meal. I got a ride from Jen, on her way back from returning the keg. We hung out on their deck eating and talking more, now pretty much down to people from the Chris-friends-in-the-Bay-Area, e.g. the game night people, plus a few extras (including Doug). I finally tried an It's It which Chris thinks is the best thing ever and had had plenty on stock at the barbecue; I didn't really like it. (Mahk: "What's the plural of 'It's It', 'They're Them'?") Then we took off--Art gave me a ride again. (Art giving me a ride to/from Jen & Chris isn't too big a deal, since it's a 30 minute walk it's a quick drive.)

Today five of us--including Steve Smoot the younger--met for lunch at Zachary's Pizza. I took Bart both ways. Kind of a long trip to work from Bart, probably about an hour all told.

When we arrived there were ten people there already; one group was playing Cartagena and one was playing Carcassonne. After both games wrapped up, five people--including most of the most-frequent gamers--went off to play Puerto Rico which nobody else had played; while seven of us played Bohnanza (we call it "The Bean Game"). I went first and had an awesome first hand--three coins worth of stuff at the end of my turn--and even though everyone knew I was the scourge, they couldn't see past self-interest when trading with me, so nobody ever caught up. The final scores: 11-9-9-9-8-8-8. One person left, and the six of us remaining played Acquire--I think I was the only one who'd played it before. I came in a very close second with a big gap to third place, and sadly I had foolishly kept a little stock that had no actual possibility of coming back to life--had I sold that I would have won by far more than I lost by.

Then Art gave me a ride homeagain.

Man, I swear these blow-by-blow accounts-of-my-life are useless, but there you go.
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