not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Dear maker of

Someone linked me to a favtape page, and while the page seemed to load fine, it didn't actually play songs, and while it's possible for me to futz around with the various download options to play them, I don't think that's the point, I assume it should just be a nice streaming play of them, but I can't tell, because:

There's no help. There's no faq. In fact, from the mixtape page I started at, there isn't even a link to the front page or anywhere else on the site other than that mixtape. But even when you get to the front page there, there's nothing for people who don't already know the deal.

I'm assuming there's something more to it and the problem is I'm just using too old a browser or I have an adblock rule inadvertently firing or something, but really, I can't tell since the site never actually says what it's supposed to do. Maybe it is just supposed to be effectively a list of youtube and amazon links that I have to click by hand. I can't tell! But either way, good call on putting the giant list of sites that recommend your site across the top of the front page. I know normally people would say that's stupid since the reader's already found your site and it's a little late for recommendations, and those people would claim you're a little too caught up in tooting your own horn. But I disagree; since you've made it so hard for anyone to know what the function of your site really is at base, it's good for them to know just how many retards out there are ignoring your usability problems and blindly recommending you!
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