not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

goofy improv 1

I haven't officially resolved to make more music, but perhaps as evidence of an implicit resolution, I bring you a recording from new year's day: a silly 10 minute improv (11MB) on an overly-processed guitar.

(The over-processing effects chain is something like noise-gate => chorus => stereo delay => distortion => reverb, plus a whole separate chain for the flanged white noise which was overdubbed later.)

This was recorded in Reaper. I used to use pro-tools, using the Mbox from the makers of pro-tools. I'm now using the Mbox in ASIO mode. Reaper seems to fix most of the stupidities I have with pro tools. Also, with ASIO set to buffer only 128 samples the latency is low enough that I can actually run the effects in Reaper and listen to them live while playing the guitar without an obvious delay, and I haven't had any glitches yet. (The mbox includes a pass-through of the input signals because normally there's too much latency in pro tools to do this.)
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