not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Eonsolas Bold

Some of you may know that I tend to have huge fonts when I'm programming. This was not, in truth, by choice, although I'd often pretend it was.

I have finally improved my font situation (I think, but time will tell), but it was work... here's the crazy details.

  • I like anti-aliased fonts, especially ClearType.
  • I couldn't find any font that looked better anti-aliased than Consolas on any of the many sites comparing fonts
  • However, the way Consolas is hinted makes it too light for my tastes if the font size is smaller than 12 points.
  • So I've been stuck with Consolas 12 point for a long time.
  • I started thinking maybe I should make my own Consolas-ish font that's heavier weight. Or maybe pay somebody else to do it.
  • But wait, there already is a Consolas bold (although I think its metrics are larger than the non-bold)
  • Unfortunately, VC6, the programming IDE I use, does not let you choose bold fonts; it has a weird font selector that only lets you pick the primary face of each family
  • So I decided to make a copy of the Consolas Bold ttf and rename the strings inside it so that Windows would think it was a new font
  • I downloaded FontForge and couldn't get it to work
  • I considered paying somebody $50 to just solve the problem, but it was 4am and who knows how to make that happen
  • So instead I took the TrueType parsing/rendering code I released earlier this week and hacked into it to make it increment the first letter of the internal names of all the fonts.
  • (Somehow I got that wrong, because I ended up with Eonsolas, not Donsolas.)
  • Then I had to recompute the checksums for the table so it wouldn't be seen as an invalid file.
  • Installed to windows font directory
  • VC6 sees it as an actual font, hooray! And lets me use it even though it's a "Bold" subfamily, since there's no non-Bold one (I assume).
  • Success! Eonsolas Bold 11 pt is smaller than Consolas 12 pt; right now I'm trying Eonsolas 10 pt... we will see.
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