not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

MOLG midi files

So, apropos of a previous post, I have finally finished(?) a project I started in September:

General MIDI file arrangements of the first six tracks from the album Concentration by Machines of Loving Grace. Unlikely to be of any actual interest or importance, but hey.

  1. Perfect Tan (Bikini Atoll) (youtube)

  2. Butterfly Wings (youtube)

  3. Lilith/Eve (youtube)

  4. Albert Speer (youtube)

  5. Limiter (youtube) previously posted

  6. If I Should Explode (youtube)

The basic intent is that every sound made in the recording has a corresponding sound in the MIDI file (but not echoes). As much as possible the pitches are intended to be correct; some of the guitar chords are probably still wrong, though, as I'm pretty sucky at extracting the pitches from chords, but on the other hand in some places I intentionally detuned the vocals to match places where I perceived the original vocals being sharp or flat.

The degree to which the sounds made by the General MIDI are accurate representations of the originals varies widely, although it was all to a much higher standard than I'd originally intended. The #1 problem is that the overall mix is wrong, but I can't do much about this since different GM players will have different volumes for each sound, so I don't know which ones will be too loud or too soft. The mix is about 80% right through the Microsoft SW midi player.

I'd originally intended to do all 12 songs on the album but this was way too much work already.

I tried importing the Butterfly Wings MIDI into a demo copy of Sibelius to see what it would look like as a musical score, but it would take a lot of tweaking and fixing to be acceptable, so I'll leave that to somebody else.
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