not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

guantanamo worst of worst

Aide to Colin Powell alleges Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld knew the "majority" of Guantanamo detainees were innocent.

Rumsfeld, you might recall, referred to the detainees as "the worst of the worst".

Guantamo watch, aka days since first prisoners were transferred to camp X-Ray at the Guantanmo base: 3,011

I've been sick for the last couple of weeks, so I haven't really done anything but sit around and surf the web. And it's getting frustrating; it would be nice to get stuff done, not sit around pointlessly. And I'm reaching that level of frustration after only about 15 days. Maybe you've gotten sick for a similar length of time, have some sense of what that experience is like? Now imagine repeating that sequence of 15 days... 200 times. Throw in some torture if you want to really get a sense of things, but even just having the forced 'waste of your life' seems bad enough to me.
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