not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

speaker death

In 2007 I mentioned that my stereo receiver died and had to be replaced, after serving since 1986. Although I retired the receiver, I did not on that day retire the speakers that I had bought at the same time.

But today is the day; I have finally retired the stereo speakers I bought in 1986 (one of them started buzzing).

Not a bad investment; I think in combination the receiver and speakers cost me $200-300 (in 1986 dollars). Of course I have two other sets of speakers (5.1 for my video watching, and a pair of audio monitors for music recording).

(Since people care, the replacement is as follows, but I didn't put much research into it so I don't expect the same level of success now:

receiver: onkyo => sherwood
speakers: cerwin vega => bose

Then again it's not like I put any effort into it the first time; I just bought some crap at Circuit City, and I'd never even heard of either Onkyo or Cerwin Vega at the time.)
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