not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

music sketches: an observation

in past years of doing music sketchbooks, i've often delved into the occasional odd time signature here and there. but the 5+5+5+2 thing I put on youtube last year seems to have marked a turning point of sorts. all four of the "more polished" pieces I mentioned previously that I've been working on for the last year all avoid any simple, standard meter (although each does it in a different way), but I'd thought that's sort of more to do with the "point" of that project than any personal bias.

but if I look back at the 10 things I've "written" in the last week, I see the following time "signatures":

  1. 11
  2. 15, 21
  3. 19, 21
  4. 8,7
  5. 12 (sort of with a hemiola, although i really hear a quarter-note accent all the way through. also the solo playfully does 4 and 5 "polymeters" against it for some of the rising patterns)
  6. 8 (coincidentally this one was "total crap")
  7. 10,11,12
  8. 6,4 (but I'd thought the 6 was a 7)
  9. 8 with polyrhythmic 12 (and briefly accelerating sequentially through polyrhythmic 9,10,11 at the beginning); coincidentally this one was "total crap"
  10. 17 (5+5+5+2)
(The vast vast majority of western music is, in this notation, in 8 or 6 or 12, although I switched notation for #8, which should really be 6,8 for consistency.)

The only odd numbers missing are 13 and 23+.

If both of the 8s hadn't happened to be "total crap" I would think about trying to cut back on my over-reliance on this, but maybe not.
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