not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

music sketch #12

This sounds nothing like what I was picturing when I started it.

#12: clean-ish, reverb-laden thing (2.6 minutes, 4MB, 8 guitar tracks, drum samples played in a plausibly-human-drummer manner)

Time signature watch: 5+4+4+5+4

Edit: I mixed this for my own edification, but might be of interest: partial backing track consisting of just the drums and bass, and the distorted guitars in the bridge. The drums and guitar illustrate how the whole thing builds dynamically to the biggest moment of payoff (the end of the bridge).

Usually I don't polish the drums so hard for a sketch, but that seemed to be the main focus here so I went ahead and used "real" drum samples and put real effort into making them build in a dynamic way. The bridge drums are just a repetitive cut-and-paste, and the drums after the bridge are a cut-and-paste of the drums from the beginning (making it build again towards the end).

The distorted guitars were the last thing I added to the song; I decided I wanted to come back and flesh out the bridge a little so it would have something more interesting, but I couldn't come up with anything very interesting to do at all, so instead I just played through the chords again but manually built the dynamics (which are through distortion, so it's effectively more distorted as it goes as well) to the end of the bridge to make that moment bigger. (I had already concluded that was the best moment in the song, even though that hadn't been the original plan). The guitars are doubled in stereo (I just played through the part twice, doing the same build each time).

I include the bass just so you can tell how the drums fit against the song. There are small variations in the bass throughout, but it doesn't particular build, except for the last measure (hypermeasure?) before the bridge, and the fact it drops to muted notes after the bridge to help the big-to-small effect.
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