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Via merde

Sex: male
Age: 34
Straight, gay, or bi? straight
Birthplace: Washington, DC
What countries have you lived in? USA
What states, regions, provinces, etc.? Maryland, California, Texas, Massachusettes
What countries have you visited? Canada
Favorite city? n/a
Do you live in a house, apartment, or other? apartment
With family, roommates, or alone? alone
Pets? none
Single, monogamous, or poly? single
Have you ever cheated on anyone? no
Favorite weather? clear
Favorite form of transportation? feet
Do you like your job? yes

Your body:
Favorite part? fingers
Least favorite part? arms
Hair length? very long
Too tall, too short, or just right? just right
Too fat, too thin, or just right? a little too fat
Ever had plastic surgery? no
Would you? no
What would you get "done"? n/a
Do you shave? depends what you mean

Mountains or coast? no preference
Big trees or big sky? big trees
Urban, suburban, or rural? suburban
Hot, cold, or temperate? temperate
Dry or humid? dry
Ground floor or top floor? top floor
Cozy nooks or big airy spaces? cozy nooks
Dark or light? dark
Early or late? late
Music with lyrics or without? no preference
New movies or old? new
Jeans or slacks? jeans
Shoes, boots, sandals, or barefoot? shoes
Socks or not? socks
Comedy or drama? comedy
Fiction or nonfiction? fiction
Literature or trash? trash
Future or past? future
Solitude or company? company

What was the last:
Book you read? Orson Scott Card, "Shadow of the Hegemon"
CD you bought? not sure, Therapy?'s latest I think
Thing you bought that you couldn't really afford? never done
Movie you saw in the theater? Panic Room
Video you rented? Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Article of clothing you bought? t-shirt
Complete meal you prepared? never done
Person you called? Ron E
Person you talked to? Chris H
Person you knew who died? richh

When did you last:
Get drunk? a month or three ago
Use an illicit drug? fourteen years ago
Cry? last night (while reading)
Yell at someone? a long time ago
Say "I love you" (seriously)? never
Compliment someone? last game night, maybe
Lie? this test (just kidding. dunno. a few weeks, maybe)
Give money to a panhandler? six months ago
Talk to your parents? last month if email counts
Pay a bill late? several bills outstanding right now
Take a plane? December
Take a train? subway a week ago; commuter rail July 5th; Amtrak 1.5 years ago
Drive a car? December
Ride a bike? 17+ years
Ride a horse? 18+ years
See a doctor? 4 years
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