not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


Crap, I was going to write this up this morning, and then forgot. As best as I can recall, then.

We were on a spaceship off in an alternate dimension or something, and we were heading back to Earth. We got there, and there was no Earth. It was just gone. Or so said the computer, anyway. (It was female and had a name, I think.) It showed us images--there were no windows on the ship--of some kind of weird alien ship or something where the Earth had been. It was too small to have eaten the Earth, but we hypothesized it had broken the earth into pieces and eaten one of them.

We landed somewhere--perhaps on the alien ship--and a few of us had disembarked, when the computer told us that the spaceship was being flooded. It had managed to seal the compartments that mattered, but it needed us to get in so it could seal all the outside accesses. There was a readout showing the level rising inside. We just barely got inside, sloshing through what looked like soapy water.

Then there was something involving evil spiders, and some had gotten on board, and the computer was being flaky and flashing the screens showing where the spiders were. And then I encountered one, and it was pretty tiny and I wasn't particularly afraid of it, at least as long as I was watching, and it was trying to cross this entryway but there was stuff blocking it, but there was this one gap in it, and I was trying to fix the gap...
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