not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

2011 music sketches #24, #25

Ok, so, following up on my release of an actually semi-polished piece of music on Friday, I'll follow up with the utter absurdity I did this weekend:

#24: experiment for mechanically-controlled piano #1 (5 min, 7.5 MB, one virtual piano)
#25: experiment for mechanically-controlled piano #2 (1 min, 2 MB, one virtual piano)

In other words, works for modern player piano, which I'm sure is a well-explored realm of 20th-century composition already, and made far, far easier by modern technology where you don't have to cut holes in paper, just program in MIDI, and you don't actually even need one of the physical pianos (*I* don't have one), so maybe it's kind of lame to even try this. But hey.

#1 probably exceeds the limits of a real mechnical piano briefly with the fast stuff from 1:18 to 1:29 (I hadn't bothered to do any research on the plausible limitations when I wrote it) and 4:15-4:30 but most of the rest is plausible. (The crazy fast bit of #2 at 0:47 peaks at 12 notes per second on any given key, which appears to be right around the limits of feasibility for physical pianos, but only for high velocities/loud notes, so it might be tonally implausible. On the other hand, the shifting from 0:47 to 0:53 is actually moving from a chromatic sound to an all-white-key-sound, where I chose all-white-keys over some other major scale purely for the visual aesthetic purposes even though that doesn't actually, y'know, happen without a real piano doing this, which I don't have.)

I wrote these on Sunday but wasn't going to release them until I got a better piano sample set up, but then I decided I don't care, since these are just sketches. I'll probably explore this stuff further and make some more polished (but still weird and experimental pieces), and I'll do those with a better virtual piano (this one has 30MB of samples, but in fact I have one with 500MB), and probably writing my own authoring software, because programming this through Reaper's MIDI editor makes it way impossible to do a lot of velocity-based stuff I'd like to do, and maybe some interesting mixes where half of what's played is mathematically determined and half is authored (this is what the 1:41-2:10 of #1 is exploring, various automatic or semi-automatic "expansions" of the the same hand-authored theme).
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