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Now I Watch All Babylon 5: "Chrysalis"

Season 1, Episode 22: Chrysalis

And so it begins.


When the Centauri are ready to capitulate and give the Narn control over a previously neutral territory, Morden offers to help Londo find a better solution. The Narn outpost in the territory is attacked by several of the Shadow vessels from "Signs and Portents", killing everybirdie and leaving no trace. As a result, Londo's star is on the rise with his government, but he owes Morden a favor. G'Kar leaves B5 in search of information about the attack, suspecting an unknown race. Morden's mostly-invisible alien Shadow companions are revealed.

Garibaldi is told of an assassination plot by a dying man, but by the time he is able to work out that the target is President Santiago, Garibaldi is shot in the back by a traitorous underling. He eventually warns Sinclair, but it's too late; they aren't able to warn anyone before Earth Force One explodes, killing Santiago. Sinclair is unable to convince anyone on Earth to take the possibility of assassination seriously. The Vice President "happened" to be off the ship at the time, and is sworn in as the new President.

Delenn visits Kosh to see his true form (we hear flapping wings). Delenn promises to explain many things to Sinclair, but he's busy with the other plots, and by the time Kosh reminds him to visit her, it's too late; Delenn has finished building the device in her quarters, and it has created a chrysalis around her.

Nothing's the same anymore.

The Title Means: Hey, there's a chrysalis.

Memorable quote: Londo: "What are those Earth creatures called--feathers, long bill, webbed feet, go 'quack'?" Vir: "Cats." Londo, nodding: "Cats."

Comments: I put so much work into trying to boil the plots down concisely that I don't have much energy to comment...

Many episodes back, President Santiago was elected (Ivanova voted the other way), and there was a little fuss about Psi Corp endorsing Vice President Clark. Hmmmmmmm.

Catherine Sakai is casually thrown into the mix; we haven't seen her since Mind War (she hasn't been mentioned in any of my recaps). But since she gets written out next season with Sinclair's absence, I can't be bothered to comment.

"You gotta stop 'em. They're gonna kill him. They're gonna kill..." Dude, could you have maybe worked "President" in there somewhere OTHER than the last word of a repeated sentence? Imagine if what you tried to say was "President. They're gonna kill the President."

Since when is an eventual favor "no price"?
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