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Now I Watch All Babylon 5: "Revelations"

My internet was down for a while, and I kept watching B5 but not bothering to write recaps. That meant when the internet came back, I now had four recaps to write, and I pretty much had to re-rewatch them all to recap them.

So I've been putting them off.

I've also been putting them off because it takes too much time. So I'm going to try being briefer about comments, and less thoughtful (less brief) for the plot summaries. Especially with these re-rewatches.

Season 2, Episode 2: Revelations

Plot: G'Kar escapes from some small Shadow vessels with the help of the self-sacrifice of several other Narn. On B5, G'Kar tells Na'toth about the Shadows and shows her the description of them by G'Quan in their holy book. Londo meets Morden, who promises more help in the future, but wants a favor: information about anything happening on the rim. G'Kar tells the council about the danger of the Shadows, and that they're sending a military cruiser to investigate Z'ha'dum. Londo tells Morden about the cruiser, and when it is going to arrive. The Narn cruiser jumps into normal space outside Z'ha'dum and is immmediately destroyed by a Shadow vessel during the time that communications are offline. The Narn believe it was a jump engine accident. G'Kar is convinced it could not be coincidence, but believes nobody could have destroyed it so quickly unless they knew the ship was coming. He eyes Londo suspiciously, but defeatedly makes no accusations.

Garibaldi isn't getting better; Franklin wants to use the alien device from a few episodes, "The Quality of Mercy", with himself as the life-energy source. Sheridan volunteers to give life energy to the alien device for Garibaldi. He and Franklin agree to take turns. Garibaldi wakes up. Garibaldi gets Talia to psi-scan him to look for clues to the attack on him, and they spot a reflection of his attacker in a mirror. They capture him without incident. Garibaldi interrogates him uselessly, but he's not Homeguard. But his attacker gives him the Prisoner "be seeing you" goodbye which we saw previously from Bester. The President (i.e. former Vice President) orders the attacker sent to Earth for further investigation. Garibaldi reminds everyone that Psi Corps endorsed the Vice President, and the Vice President was conveniently off Earth Force One when it blew up. Ivanova discovers that the off-B5 prisoner transfer of the attacker ended up with him on a ship which knew all the security protocols but didn't officially exist.

Delenn's chrysalis opens. Delenn's skin is covered in a rock-like substance. Dr. Franklin realizes it is just a covering over human skin. Delenn comes to the council, now more or less a human--with hair, a smaller bone plate, and human-position ears.

Sheridan's sister Elizabeth comes for a visit. Sheridan's wife Anna died two years ago, Sheridan hasn't coped. Sheridan tells Elizabeth the story of cancelling his last meeting with Anna, and blames that for her going on the mission that led to her death. Elizabeth gives Sheridan a message she got from Anna, where she mentions she was planning on cancelling their meeting and going on that mission anyway.

Comments: There's a rReally dumb sequence where the guy who shot Garibaldi lurks just after Garibaldi wakes up, hand on his gun, ready to... do something if Garibaldi remembers who shot him. What could he possibly do, though? Dramatic tension, but no story sense.
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