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game night

10 attending. First game we played was Lord of the Rings board game. Nobody in our group had played before, so we put Sauron in the easiest position. After getting crushed in Moria (constantly hitting sundials, we ended up hitting every event), we did really well on the succeeding missions; the entire party survived. Gandalf was never summoned; and several of us had powerful cards left over. (I played Sam and was the ringbearer twice, including at the end, but I was not the one who threw the ring in.) I'm not sure what game was being played by the other five, if anything.

Second we played five-played Aladdin's Dragons, a blind bidding game which was fairly fun. It lasted six rounds, I think. After around round two or three, we declared Taco the scourge; after round three or four I was declared the scourge. On the last round, there was only one artifact to bid on, so I determined the best I could bid was 5+4, went heavy into a 4 treasure that several other people decided to go after, then in play somebody tried to nullify it, I counterspelled, and then, unable to play another artifact, the other player double-tokened and won. Thus I didn't have enough treasures to make my bid on the arifact--but it turned out the original scourge had hugely outbid us on it. Then it turned out that this brought his artifact count to 7, but no scrolls; I had 7, with 1 scroll... and another player, who had been in lastish place on the second round, but was also the only player who had played before, had 7 and 2 scrolls, so a close victory.

Meanwhile, alongside, several games of Zertz, one of the GIPF project games, but I was too busy playing AD to see how it went.

Also, I turned 35.
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