not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I just (re-)wrote an 80-line function, plus several smaller functions, all of which worked the first time. (The 80-line function had one syntax error, but the other code had several. So it didn't compile the first time, but it worked the first time it successfully compiled.)

static ObjID t_targets[MAX_AIS];

void update_turrets(float dt)
   int i,j;
   int num_targets;

   // zero all turret group regions
   for (j=1; j <= num_groups; ++j) {
      if (group[j].turret) {
         group[j].t_min.x = group[j].t_min.y =  100000.0;
         group[j].t_max.x = group[j].t_max.y = -100000.0;

   // for each turret, grow its turret-group's region
   for (i=0; i < num_ais; ++i) {
      if (!ais[i].active) continue;
      if (get_subtype(ais[i].obj) != S_TURRET) continue;
      int g = ais[i].group;
      vec3f loc;
      get_loc(ais[i].obj, &loc);
      float r = get_shot_speed(ais[i].obj) * get_shot_duration(ais[i].obj);
      if (loc.x-r < group[g].t_min.x) group[g].t_min.x = loc.x-r;
      if (loc.y-r < group[g].t_min.y) group[g].t_min.y = loc.y-r;
      if (loc.x+r > group[g].t_max.x) group[g].t_max.x = loc.x+r;
      if (loc.y+r > group[g].t_max.y) group[g].t_max.y = loc.y+r;

   // detect all objects which are in any turret group region
   num_targets = 0;
   t_targets[num_targets++] = pobj;  // @TODO: give player a dummy AI, remove this line
   for (i=0; i < num_ais; ++i) {
      if (!ais[i].active || ais[i].team > 1) continue; // @TODO: better test for neutrality
      for (j=1; j <= num_groups; ++j) {
         if (!group[j].turret) continue;
         if (ais[i].team != 1-group[j].team) continue;  // @TODO: better test for is-enemy
         vec3f loc;
         get_loc(ais[i].obj, &loc);
         if (loc.x >= group[j].t_min.x && loc.y >= group[j].t_min.y
           && loc.x <= group[j].t_max.x && loc.y <= group[j].t_max.y) {
            t_targets[num_targets++] = ais[i].obj;
            break; // exit j loop, do next i loop

   // now, iterate through all turrets, and look in t_targets
   // for candidate targets. t_targets should have very few entries--
   // five or six vehicles running around through turret fields; so
   // if we can afford the above num_ais * num_groups loop, we can
   // afford num_ais * num_targets

   for (i=0; i < num_ais; ++i) {
      if (!ais[i].active || get_subtype(ais[i].obj) != S_TURRET) continue;
      vec3f loc,loc2;
      get_loc(ais[i].obj, &loc);

      float r = get_shot_speed(ais[i].obj) * get_shot_duration(ais[i].obj);
      float best_d2 = r*r;
      ObjID best_t = OBJ_NULL;

      for (j=0; j < num_targets; ++j) {
         // don't bother with group range test (t_min/t_max)
         // since the radius test is faster
         get_loc(t_targets[j], &loc2);
         float d2 = vec3f_dist2(&loc, &loc2);
         if (d2 < best_d2) {
            best_d2 = d2;
            best_t  = t_targets[j];

      // stuff the AI state object with the best target, since
      // there's no easy way to communicate directly with the
      // turret-firing AI goal
      ais[i].state_obj = best_t;
Tags: programming
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