not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

random stats

Coming up on my 6 month anniversary here...

Journal entries: 132
Comments posted: 228
Comments received: 174 (self-posted comments are counted in both)
Friends: 75
Friend of: 51

Journal submissions: 29
Talkback postings: 16 (mostly to his own, I think)
Talkbacks to Milo's journal: 27
Folks watching it: 23

Of course you could get this by checking 'more user info'; I just did this because storme posted about hitting post #100 and friend #50.

For the curious, why 75 vs 51?

There are 2 people I'm friendsed-of who aren't on my friends list, so there are 26 journals on my friends-list but not vice versa. Those are: 5 groups I'm in, 2 announcement groups, 1 RSS feed, 1 deleted journal, 1 never-started journal, 7 random people who I don't know [2 'famous' geeks, 2 webcomic artists, 2 random people I've seen in friendslists, and 1 I found by random searching in the SF area] , 3 journals in Sargent's universe, and 6 people I know from online who for some reason haven't friends'd me. Well, one I don't know that well, she's really on my friends list because I gave her her invite code, so I felt like I should watch.

The mutually-friends'd journals are all people I already knew online, save one.
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