not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


I was reading a journal by George Martin about the process of producing a Beatles' record, and I was able to hear it in my head. There something weird going on with the chords, some wackiness that didn't sound like how I remembered the song. The two guiarists got together and produced a new chord chart. The chord changes were weird, 'if you play the chord along at the beginning and end of the measure, it sounds right, but in the middle they were doing something odd where it didn't work'. Also, after the vocals ended, or some major section change like that, the number of chord changes seemed to get cut in half. I remember at that point I was envisioning Hendrix' "Hey Joe", and thinking about the bit where the bass line walks I-iii-IV-bV repeatedly, thinking that there was a chord-change over the IV that they were omitting. Then George had to go away for a bit, and in his absence only two tracks were recorded, and they were lame percussion tracks, and he mixed them low enough that you just couldn't hear them.
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