not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


Although I didn't bother contributing to the thread when this happened to rimrunner, I've had the same experience perhaps 2-6 times a year: a pain in my shoulder, or really in the back at the shoulder, which slightly limits arm mobilitiy and noticeably limits ability turn my neck to that side. I never knew what it was until I read that thread, but I knew it always went away after a few days.

The above post/thread was a nice revelation, since it mentions that it mostly happens to women as a result of showering, because it's a wet-long-hair thing (my hair is about 2 foot long IIRC). Since reading it, I've tried to be more careful in the shower; I'm 6' and have to lower my head to get it fully under the shower, so I try to remember to bend at the knees instead of tilting my head back.

Yesterday, I got a call that someone was picking me up for lunch, and cranked through a quick shower in five minutes or less. Today I am experiencing the oh-so-wonderful experience described above. Oops.
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