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It is the one-year anniversary of my move to the west coast from Boston, plus or minus a day.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I have chosen to celebrate by sending one of my banks a change-of-address form plus two checks from January and March totalling $6K. I also paid my overdue credit card bill. And my rent.

I believe I now deserve exclusive rights to the title "King of Procrastination".

I also finally got around to checking the status of the aforementioned bank account, because I've been paying my rent out of it and was wondering if perhaps it was a bit low. On checking it, I discovered that in total I have about twice the money I thought I'd have at this point. This is not because my spending has been half the rate I thought, I think, but rather because I must have had more money in it than I remembered. But I can't be bothered to go figure it out at this point.

And no, the fact that I've sent this stuff in doesn't mean I have to give up my right to the title; I still have another bank account sending info to Boston, and I still haven't opened a local bank account anywhere (which is the primary reason I hadn't bothered with those other things, because I was thinking they would all get solved when I got around to opening a local account).
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