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Dreams the last three nights:

Saturday morning: I was playing an RPG set ~1850s. My character was a family of three people that had a little publishing empire. They went on an advenutre and encountered black crabs, which they knew about because crabs are an important part of the printing process. At the end of the adventure they were being surrounded by the crabs in creepy fashion, but it turned out the crabs just wanted advice.

Part 2 of the dream continued in the same setting but it was no longer an RPG. An evil not-quite human guy was zooming around on some kind of vehicle. (The sign said 'speed limit 150mph', because in 1850 they were more tolerant of stuff.) He forced an ambulance off the road. The driver was cowering in a ditch. Then evil guy's mother showed up and told him he was being bad. The driver said he needed to get the person in his ambulance to the hospital, but the mother said they couldn't let him go now that he knew about their non-human selves. There were a lot more details there.

Sunday morning: a heroic guy and me were in a house and the enemy army was oncoming. We couldn't fight them so we were planning our escape. He brought up a 3d holographic map of the area; the location of each enemy soldier was indicated by a little stack of two rice krispies, behind each pair of which was a 2d picture of a pair of rice krispies. Sadly, the enemies' self-destruct zone was very small, which meant they wouldn't be very cautious. Then my mother went out the front door to look around, and ate one of the pairs of rice krispies before coming back in. We watched the others swarm around on the map.

Monday morning: We got on this docked boat and somebody claimed this was the most stable location you could get to which didn't rock or shift with the water or anything, despite the fact that it was rocking with the waves while the buildings on the land next to it were totally not moving.

There was an escaped convict. I was in a helicopter helping hunt him down. We were staying very far away and high up and using infrared-sensitive binoculars to spot him. Eventually I saw something and we moved in, and then I thought maybe that wasn't it, but then I also spotted two other nearby people which were the marshals who were hunting him.

They grabbed him and whatevered, but then the OTHER escaped convict they were escorting lept one of them and tried to grab a gun, but failed. Then they tied all three of the escaped convicts up to a wire fence (like barbed wire but no barbs).

Then later we were in this knee-high water and this bus pulled up but the person it was there for didn't want to go, but these other two people swimming in the water one of them said maybe, so I followed the chain connecting them to the other, pulled that person in, and they both got on the bus
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