not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


So a few weeks ago I noticed that craigslist had a musicians section, so I posted an ad looking for a singer/lyricist. I mentioned my age but said that I didn't care that much about respondents age; and mentioned my sex and that I didn't care about theirs. Actually, I'd really rather work with a female--but I had a suspicion the odds of finding one were low, and I figured it would be worth finding out what I could this way.

Results: around 12 respondents; one 17, one 18, one who'd never written lyrics but said he might like to, a few random ones that I didn't like for various reasons, and a host of singer/guitarists. I play guitar. Another guitarist is not the optimal fit here, and just about any other instrument would do.

All male. Despite the list of bands I listed, most of them didn't indicate anything about bands they liked or what genre of rock they'd like. Three of them provided links to previous music they'd recorded; the other nine had no recorded music, and didn't want to send written samples of lyrics so I could actually have some basis to make a decision.

I'm still in contact with three of them, but I think I'm just going to punt it. The person I'd want to work with probably isn't looking on craigslist for a cowriter. Well, one of the guys was pretty interesting and liked the song I'd posted, but he was looking for success in the music business, and to me it's just a hobby.

(I did find my apartment through craigslist a year ago, so it's not all bad.)
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