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movie fucking log

I watched four movies in one day to decompress after an insane weekend of programming, and then it took me about two weeks to get back on the horse.

Overdose = bad.

Also, I'm tired of the stupid 1-5 scale. I'm going to try the -4 to 4 scale. (You will see very few very negative ones, since my primary selectiveness is in avoiding really lousy ones.)

  • Sudden Manhattan: -2
  • Air Force One: -1
  • Say Anything [re-view]: 2
  • Seven Girlfriends: 1
  • Henry V: 2
  • Annie Hall: 2
  • Antz: 0
  • Trainspotting: 0
  • The Thirteenth Floor: 0

Sudden Manhattan

Extremely goofy indie movie. Dumb writing, dumb story, with only hints of good bits.

Air Force One

Generic action thriller: Die Hard on a plane. Felt fairly by the numbers to me, ignoring the presidential aspect. One bit of plot confused me--President Ford escapes from the back of the plane by getting in something off camera and reappearing belowdecks. But then he acts trapped down there, as if he couldn't go back the way he came.

Say Anything

A classic John Cusack movie. Interesting attempt to balance the structure on the relationship between boy and girl and the relationship between girl and father. It didn't exactly work for me, but it did make for a more interesting romantic movie because they could just be happy together and not go through all the boy-loses-girl bits... except they did it anyway, sigh.

Seven Girlfriends

The plot description sounds exactly like the (John Cusack) movie High Fidelity--a guy meets up with all his old girlfriends to find out where he went wrong with each. The difference here is that that's really what the plot is about, whereas a lot of High Fidelity is about being cool with respect to music.

One of the conventions of the romantic comedy is that you're allowed a dual point of view, swapping back and forth between the boy and the girl. This movie used that device to good effect, since it didn't seem very likely the two would get back together, yet there we were seeing their stories develop in parallel.

Also, the opening sequence was brilliant. There was a lot of cleverness, too, nice little twists and reversals--the one with Mimi Rogers was awesome.

Henry V

It's Shakespeare! How wrong can you go? Not very, really. It's got the eternal problem of not being able to follow the language very well (especially the french scenes), and there was a pacing issue--a long, dialogueless, single-shot scene near the end should have been the end, but sadly Shakespeare's play tied up the romantic scene and that just didn't work here in the movie, but hey.

Also, I was totally confused to hear the tally of who had died, since I don't really remember the battle of Agincourt from my history lessons. Looking it up on the web, I can understand what happened in real life, but the movie did not show that at all; given the fighting we saw, the results should have been much different. Whether this is Shakespeare's or Branagh's fault I don't know, but I'm guessing the latter, since I imagine he showed the battle in much more detail than Shakespeare described. Branagh hit on the high points of the actual battle--the archers, the defensive stakes--but didn't show them being put into play properly; he showed the archers firing into groups mixed with both sides; he showed the defenders coming up from the stakes and the attackers never advancing through it.

But then I guess he felt it was important that it be a surprise, and I suppose showing the real battle, it might have been too obvious what was happening as it happened.

Annie Hall

Hee hee. Some of the humor is a bit dated. I think I might have actually laughed more at Mighty Aphrodite. How many bittersweet romantic comedies are there, anyway, where at the end the main protagonist is alone? "Chasing Amy" came immediately to my mind; I assume there are zillions, but I can't think of any more offhand.


Ok, I had no idea who starred in this and the schtick they were going to do with him, and I started watching it ten minutes after Annie Hall ended. Probably a mistake. They did do the shtick fairly well, except for the funny part.

Two things I liked about this over A Bug's Life: the cinematography was better--some really gorgeous stuff--and the decision for where to place the colony, so that there was some real interaction with the "larger" world and they were able to give us a more satisfying pullback reveal at the ending.


I was expecting something more downbeat, like Requiem for a Dream, and not something with such a casual attitude to consequences and a happy ending. Not that this glorifies drug use and if it's going to have drug use it has to have a down ending; but where are the consequences of his last two hits? Or are is the ending supposed to be a fake happy ending, and we don't really believe things will be happy ever after?

Great acting though.

The Thirteenth Floor

Nice nice twist, yay. I like it when I feel like I should have seen the twist coming but didn't anyway. However, once the twist comes, it's way too slow, way too long to get anywhere further; for example they still have to establish a crucial fact that's needed to bring off the happy ending. And, hrm. Did the chick manipulate everything so that exactly this result would happen? Wasn't that kind of cruelly casual and evilly manipulative, in some sense?
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