not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


First dream: the annual IFComp was released. I played a game from it written by Jeff Vogel, which was this graphical game where everything was represented by single-pixel dots. You had this starting dot, and then a single other colored dot across the map. I "drove" my guy over there, but nothing seemed to happen. But then there were a few other dots roaming the map, and as I drove around I was sort of able to see things reacting but I couldn't figure out what to do. So finally I called him on the phone, and he explained the backstory: you work for the Queen but you've been captured by the enemy and you're tied to them so you can't escape at first, and you need to shoot and scare them off to work your way free. He explained the control scheme, which was 'C' (which lived in the home row) to steer, and 'B' to brake, and spacebar to shoot. I had a really drawn out say-goodbye-and-hang-up-the-phone sequence because I didn't want to hang up, then I went back to the game. I managed to get out of that first area; an opening in the top of the arena appeared and the game scrolled as I exitted. I cruised around for a while, and then someone looking over my shoulder told me to watch out for that one enemy type, which was deadly, and I said, what, this thing? as I drove by something, and then I nearly ran into this other enemy that flew in from the edge of the screen and they said "no, that", so I drove away from it in a panic and it started firing these huge destructive arcs and I barely dodged away and dived into a narrow shaft and, aha! Found a teleporter that ended the level. And it turned out that this was the only level in the game, and when I ended it it brough up a message about how this was a preview of the game which would come out later, except it was misspelled "purview".

Second dream: A guy and a girl have moved in together despite the fact that the one who originally lived there shared this apartment with this other guy. The other guy bitched about it, and the first guy explained some sort of new agey bullshit which put the other guy off, except it was kind of obvious that the other guy thought he was being invited to a threesome, although the first guy clearly didn't realize it. We see the other guy getting ready to enter their bedroom once he works up the nerve, but then the chick comes out and realizes what he's thinking and tells him off. I think this whole thing happened twice.

Later the boyfriend & girlfriend are in a car, going somewhere, and they stop to get out, and he grabs some drugs of some kind off the dashboard, and she says, "hey, that's mine", and he says, "I'm just going to roll one big corduroy from it", and they walk across a grassy space at a college, and he rolls this lump of chewing-gum sort of thing, and eventually it's cigar-sized and he lights the end of it and smokes it, and immediately goes over to the girl and lets her take a puff. Then he throws it for no apparent reason, and it lands next to this other chick who's lying on her back, and the girlfriend goes to pick it up, and it's mixed in with the chick's hair, and she's worried the hair's going to catch on fire so she retrieves it.
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