not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I finished the necessary refactoring at work and came home to set up the computer. (Minor gripe earlier: I didn't get in to work until 11:30, and the FedEx guy came by at 10am... and dropped the package off outside the door, despite the sign saying 'deliver packages next door if nobody is here.)

Left around fivish to come home, started setting up, and discovered that I had accidentally bought an OEM CPU instead of a retail one, so there was no heatsink/fan included. Went to BART, rode to MacArthur station, walked to the Emeryville CompUSA, bought a heatsink (I had $23 in my pocket, it cost $22), came home, it was about 8:15. Said, 'ok, I will get it set up in about an hour, then I can decide whether to watch this DVD'. It booted fine the first time, about half an hour later, but I spent about another hour trying to get all the drivers installed-it didn't set up the CD drive first, so I couldn't install the driver for some things, and then I ended up needing to set up a second CD drive to have both the mboard's drivers and the Win98 CD available at the same time, since for some reason I don't have the Win98 cab files copied onto that machine.

I am about to stress test the hard drive and make sure it can actually survive copying several gigs of data, instead of hard-hanging all the time--but first I have to finish the post-format thorough scan disk on one of the hard drives which I just reformatted, so doesn't really need it but I'd rather be safe, sigh.
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