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Hopefully this round will make up for you people who wonder why I watch these things if I hate them so much.
  • Play it Again, Sam
  • Out of Sight
  • Bullets Over Broadway
  • Local Hero [re-view]
  • Lone Star

Again with the -4 to 4 scale.

Play it Again, Sam

Woody Allen has Casablancaesque Bogart give him dating tips. Moderately funny, but the faux-Bogart device didn't really work for me, and the one-liners weren't really as sharp I'd have liked. Rating: 0

Out of Sight

George Clooney is a bank robber on the run trying to woo Federal Marshall Jennifer Lopez. Nicely works around what seems like it could be just a genre exercise, builds on some real chemistry between the leads. The non-linearity worked nicely for me; e.g. the opening shot of Clooney throwing off the tie has a nice explanation that takes a while to get there. The screenplay adaptation of Elmore's novel was by Scott Frank, who also wrote the Branagh-directed film Dead Again which I liked a lot, and from the commentary track it seems like he pulled the plot a lot tighter (a lot of the characters present in the house at the end hadn't met previously in the novel). Rating: 2

Bullets Over Broadway

Struggling playwright John Cusack receives backing from a mobster to put on his play IFF mobster girlfriend Jennifer Tilly gets a major role. Not funny. I guess what I like in Allen's work are the one-liners, and there just weren't many here. Instead there was a lot of portrayal of theater people as overacting even in their lives, and, hrm, it just didn't amuse me much. I remember two scenes as being particularly good: one with Cusack talking to Palimen... Cheech and one at the end when Cusack is yelling up the window to Reiner and his girlfriend and the woman across the street joins in. Also, the story seemed a little too simple to me; the "I'm not an artist, he was an artist" message rings false to me, given my experience as a creative-person-who-isn't-very-successful; I think if you're a creative person, you tend to just keep going, even when you realize how poorly you stack up. The relationship between Salieri and Mozart in Amadeus did this much better. Rating: -2

Local Hero

Houston businessman journeys to Scotland to purchase entire village for his oil company. Rating: 4

Lone Star

The white sheriff of a predominantly Mexican Texas town bordering Mexico investigates the thirty-year old murder of a previous sheriff. A great exploration of race, prejudice, history, and familial relations. I anticipated where the murder mystery was going to go (both whodunnit and what the consequences would be), but fortunately there was more going on than just that; in fact, that wasn't really even the point, just the vehicle. I didn't mind the length, but the storyline with the army base commander feels tacked on, since it's basically only thematically related. Kris Kristofferson does a great job as a one-dimensional villain; Elizabeth Pena is awesome. Single-shot transitionless flashback: cute device. Rating: 3
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