not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Everyone Must Go

Today was Mahk's birthday, so he held an extended game day/night. Afternoon arrivals played Titan. I showed up about 8:00 (that's 20:00 for those of you with sane chronology); several games of Brawl were played while waiting for everyone to get ready, and then we played Settlers of Cataan (while the Titaners continued their three-way battle). I went first; the desert was in the center, which produced a particularly good place to go first, and ended up quickly becoming the scourge. People failed to boycott trading with the scourge, and I won a pretty crushing victory. General attitude was "I guess that's why we don't play this anymore; too hard to stop the scourge". That was the end of the night.

What I failed to mention is that first thing I did after getting there was play a game of Go (only 9x9 though) against Art; Mahk had proclaimed this night "Everyone Must Go", meaning that, well, everyone attending must play Go. It was my first game of Go, but not Art's, although I think he hadn't done it much. Despite not having much clue what I was doing, and only asking for help once or twice, I won pretty solidly. Which was very weird, because it felt like I was playing very reactively (although aggressively).
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