not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

So I was checking out rottentomatoes to see how the current crop of movies are doing, after having read Salons reviews, and I was reading through all the pans of Jackie Chan's The Tuxedo, and I noticed a curious thing that around half the reviewers end up saying (it was in the Salon one too):
[The tuxedo] is not just any old suit. It plugs into his nervous system and transforms him into anything he needs to be: great dancer, martial arts fighter...

Hold on. Jackie Chan needs a suit for this?

I don't understand this confusion between character and actor. Another reviewer even follows up a comment like the above with a comment about how, therefore, any old actor could have played the role.

Now, yes, there's apparently issues that they don't actually turn Chan loose for real, that they rely on special effects and wires too much. But that is, honest, I swear, not the context for the comments like the above.

To me, it's entirely backwards, if you ignore the effects issue: it's a huge compliment to Chan to say "rather than having you portray a character whose abilities are at the limit of human capability, let's have you portray a character who is beyond human, a character who is artificially enabled--but let you play it with no artificiality at all!"
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