not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


sparsely remembered fragments:

A bunch of us were driving somewhere. The police pulled us over, and we got out. One person in our party was acting belligerent, so the police frisked him, and found a gun. Then they frisked everyone else, and two more (of five total) had guns too. They hassled us for a while, then the other gun-less guy in the group was getting antsy about wanting to leave, since he'd done nothing wrong, so finally they let the two of us go. We drove off in one of the cars; I was driving but wasn't how to get where we were going.

Someone I know in real life showed up in the dream: she'd been briefly dating this guy Jim from my dorm in Maryland, but he went away for a while, and some time later she told me she would be seeing me more often because she'd gotten involved with this other guy Mike (also from my dorm in Maryland) who lived right down the hall from me. Later, I peeked through a cracked-open door when I heard a knock on his door, and it was her (except she looked like a different person I know in real life, of course).

I hopped in the back of a station wagon. The driver got ready to pull out, but somebody snuck up alongside and unlocked one of the back doors. The car moved forward, and he got up and hopped in the back next to me. I think we were going to fight and the fact that he'd unlocked the door was going to matter, but it never went any further than that.

I told the whole story of getting pulled over and getting frisked for guns to someone. (Not telling them it was a dream, telling them it was reality.)

There was this sequence involving super-powered heroes or mutants or something that I also went through twice--it was a movie I was watching and I rewound it to show it to someone else, but now the only detail I can remember from it is when the one chick got knocked down a spiral staircase and seemed dead, but flickered strangely and arose in a strange costume. It was sort of a horror flick, but also I knew it was going to turn out that actually everyone who appeared to gain superpowers had already had them, and they were just having their memories manipulated.

I was in a room with a big social group. People from the group had been being killed off slowly, so we were gathered together to try to figure out how to stop it. Somebody made a comment about how virtually everyone in the group had been involved with multiple other people in the group. But nobody really knew the details; I didn't know who was involved with whom except for the woman I know from real life who was involved with Mike & Jim, and I only knew who she was involved with because she'd tell me.

We went outside, and then there was this weird attack of some kind, well, two kinds, that I don't remember. Then the third one I do, this weird flying machine zoomed by, possibly with machine guns to try to gun people down. I ran into the house it was close to, sure that such a weird flying machine couldn't really exist and that it must be being done with wires or something, and there'd be controls somewhere in here. I frantically searched every room of the house, positive it would turn out to be the husband of the couple who lived there, working my way up all six stories of bedrooms, but there was nobody controlling anything. Finally I went in the basement--still empty, but there was one door shut that wasn't normally shut. Locked. I bashed it down and found a guy at some weird controls. He tried to claim he was listening to the radio, but I knew better.

I captured him, and asked him what his name was, because I didn't know him. "Juan Hernandez", he said, which seemed like an odd name for him since he was so obviously not hispanic at all. We hunted around, and I discovered that everyone was trapped in a little building and outside an open double door was the husband of the house demanding they sign some piece of paper or he'd kill them all or someone else or something I forget. So I showed up behind him and announced my presence. He spun around, and I said, you let them go or, waving a piece of paper, but he grabbed me and threw me into the group. He looked at the paper, which revealed him and Juan as the killers, and said, now how are you going to send that to anyone if you're trapped in there? And I explained that I'd already given out several copies to other people to send if I didn't come back. I don't know whether I was telling the truth or not.
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