not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

dream log

I've had a number of wacky dreams over the last few days, but they were all pretty impossible to summarize. I had two last night, and can probably meaningfully cover one.

In an airport, I check in, get on a plane, an international flight to France. I get on, but they've decided they're going to take a sports team or some other special party, and they've kicked most of the passengers off the plane. There's just me and a few others, because the sports team hasn't shown up yet. Also, they've removed all the seats, but if we pick a place to sit we can fold out some kind of lame seat.

So then almost immediately, while the plane was still nearly empty, we taxied and then zoomed down a runway, and then came to a quick halt at the end, and the pilot pulled the plane off the runway and told us we'd have to wait. Some people boarded the plane with soda and snacks and gave them to us, because there weren't any on the plane (maybe in your world, Kemosabe). Then after a bit I remembered that I was supposed to stop at home before I came to the airport, because I hadn't brought any clothes or anything. Well, maybe I could buy clothes in france, but I hadn't brought any money or anything.

So I sat in indecision for a while, and finally snuck off the plane when nobody was looking. I walked out of the airport, trying to figure out how to get home, and then walked along the road a while, but got lost. I knew I needed to go north, since SF is north of SFO (yay, dream me has learned where I live), but it wasn't happening. I saw a road diving into a tunnel with a big sign 'airport', so I figured I'd go back to the airport and use public transportation. But it was a tunnel, and so the way it handled pedestrians was weird.

There was some kind of walkway along the tunnel proper, but you couldn't reach it from the entrance. There were these stairs up, and then they branched, and I took one branch, and the stairs led up, and a corridor, and then a dead-end. It was a freaky stairs-and-glass-windows maze, sort of a cross between Escher and the Atari 2600 Adventure. Eventually I found a route in the basement that led to this sewer system sort of thing, and I followed that. At one point, I was like, hey, I wish I had brought my digital camera with me so I could take a picture of this, because this is exactly like stupid computer game sewer spaces which people are always down on, and hey look, they really exist.

So the sewer system led out to this strip mall, which I wandered around, and then saw another sign back to the airport, and there my memory of events ends.
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