not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


Yeargh. In my story, it's currently Sunday. Most of the story started on Friday, and I had figured it was going to unfold over about the course of a week. Suddenly, I'm finding (even though I'm only at the halfway point) that pretty much everyone is nearly in position for the climax, and certain people are going to the place of the climax, and they're pretty much entirely persuing a totally frivolous subplot that has no purpose except because I was writing one day and suddenly ended up creating this apparently important missing mcguffin that is, in fact, not at all important and I don't think will ever be important. Having its only importance be that it lures people to the site of the climax would be fine. So, the upshot is, I now suddenly need to draw out the entire rest of the novel so it all happens during this Sunday, or else I have to let everyone wander around erratically, and then all come back to where they are right now, which is going to look dopey. Sigh. And the climax really wants to happen on a Sunday because if Monday comes around, it'll be odd if a particular character goes to work. So really what I want to do is go back and move most events back by a day or two, but shift some of the stuff that's putting people in position for the climax to later in the book, so it still happens Sunday. But I can't really afford the time to do such drastic revision, but if I don't do it there's really no way to write it coherently so it can still be revised later. Grf.
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