not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

dream log

A fragment: I was in a hot tob with a couple of other people, and this one woman was totally putting the moves on me, but I couldn't remember her name. So finally I realized I could type "LOOK" and it would tell me the names of all the people in the room, and then I could "X name" for each of them and see if the description matched this woman. (They had very odd names, but the only one I can recall now is the one guy, Nore.)

An unrelated sequence: I was at a convention; a bunch of us were in an auditorium. Sitting a row or two in front of me was a trio of female webcomic authors (mao, verabee, and quirkybird). The speaker said something rather dumb, and one of the three said something clever to mock it. (I don't remember what she said, but I tried to memorize it at the time--not because I knew it was a dream but because I thought it was that good a line.) Then after the speaker was done, one of the people I was with suggested suggested we shoot some pool on one of the pool tables in the adjoining foyer, but the tables were all occupied and I wanted to go say hello to one (all?) of the trio. But then they'd already left anyway by the time I looked, so I went back and did shoot some pool, and there was more interesting stuff there but I don't remember it.

There was also building we were staying in where our apartment sort of overhung the edge of the building,and seemed to be slightly tilted as if it was going to fall off; the fact that I only had a key to one of the entrances to the apartment and couldn't find my way to that entrance; the bit where we were in danger and I had a knife, but it was only nail-file sized; and then we got in a tough situation and I wasn't in position to do anything about it, so I circled around the corridor (which was a big square) to try to outflank the target, but we were in 'enemy' territory and everyone I passed looked really mad, and then when I got all the way around, everyone else was gone, but there was this one kid, and the kid was advancing on me despite me flourishing the knife, and he ended up ramming his thumb onto my knife, through the thumbnail, and I had to get an antiseptic and clean it and bandage it for him because he was just a kid;
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