not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

mix cd

This is the primary mix CD I sent out to a couple friends in November. Read it down in columns.

Morphine: Buena King Crimson: Neal and Jack and Me
Aimee Mann: Choice in the Matter Firewater: Bourbon and Division
REM: Harborcoat PJ Harvey: Hair
Cibo Matto: White Pepper Ice Cream Tribe: Joyride
Portishead: Numb Lisa Germano: Happiness
Bel Canto: Big Belly Butterflies MC 900 Ft. Jesus: Hearing Voices in One's Head
Belly: Seal My Fate Soul Coughing: Sugar Free Jazz
Too Much Joy: Crush Story Jim's Big Ego: She's Dead
Sleater-Kinney: Words and Guitar The Magnetic Fields: Love is Like a Bottle of Gin
Morrissey: I Don't Mind If You Forget Me Roxy Music: To Turn You On
Blake Babies: On
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