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The movie Equilibrium, which I do not plan to see, is garnering (negative) comparison to 1984 and, for more thoughtful critics, to Farenheit 451.

There's an even closer source. The movie:
Equilibrium takes place in a dystopia where emotions have been outlawed in the interest of national security. To help fight "sense crimes," the state employs ostensibly emotionless clerics trained to kill as efficiently as possible
[The Onion AV Club]
Additionally, the Mona Lisa is burned, reflecting that all music and art is banned.

And here's the much more plausible source:
Here is an exquisitely well-written parable about a society on another planet in the future where the spiritual/political rulers (the Priests who reside in the computerized temples of Syrinx) subjugate the masses by tending to their physical needs and providing all the cultural distractions they could ever want. The only catch is that the masses are denied the right of self-expression and, by extension, free will or thought.

One day, an anonymous individual appears before the Priests with a "toy" that he has discovered behind a waterfall--a guitar, a dangerous artifact that contributed to the destruction of "the elder race"

So yeah, I bet the writer-director of equilibirum is probably a big Rush fan, since the above is the story of the concept-side-1 album "2112".
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