not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

game night

"Bring Your Own Bad Luck", the invitation said, it being Friday the 13th, so I did. Games played by others: Carcasonne with some expansion whose name I don't recall; Frank's Zoo. Games played by my half of the room: Cosmic Encounter, because three of us had never played and people kept mentioning it--Charles won; Puerto Rico, because we wanted another chance to understand it, to which I brought my bad luck along and came in last, 48, 46, 37?, 33?, 31; and then a "quick" game of Quo Vadis to cap off the evening, which I also exercised my bad luck and came in last, 34, 32?, 28?, 22

I actually enjoyed this game of Quo Vadis more than usual, despite losing badly and being the most experienced QV player there; the wheeling-dealing was more involving than usual, I think. Puerto Rico was interesting because we're all still evolving strategies--I'm not clear what I could have done better, except that possibly I took too middle-of-the-road a strategy. (For a while, people thought I was doing well, because I had the highest production for several rounds, but I was too diversified and wasn't able to ship most of it.)
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