not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night, what with the endless rain beating on my windowpane.

I was shooting pool (8-ball) with somebody, and I two or three times during this one game I got my choice of solid or stripes. The last time, we were down to 3 solids and 3 stripes, and people thought I was a fool for picking solids given the position the stripes were in. But then the table we were playing on had this weird fluffy quilt lining atop the bare felt and it was playing havoc with my game--the balls wouldn't roll very far, and the quilt wasn't perfectly flat everywhere so everything was curving and it was a total mess.

Two friends (one male, one female) and I went into a restaurant, I guess one that we frequently frequented, because I think we knew the waitress. Anyway, I felt in the mood to get something different from my usual, but when I looked at the menu, I couldn't make sense of it to order. There were all these dishes that the name didn't indicate what they were, and the text under the name, instead of describing the dish, talked about the dish entirely metaphorically. The terms 'abstract', 'non-representational', and 'impressionism' were bandied about when I discussed it with my friends.

I was at "home", upstairs, and there were noisy, rowdy people outside. I went to peek out and see what they were up to, but I was afraid of getting spotted and antagonizing them. Fortunately, right next to the window was a little round hole, and I was able to look through that--in time to see somebody throw a rock at my window! Fortunately it wasn't a big rock and it bounced off. I walked into the opposite bedroom where there was a phone and stared at it, thinking about calling the police, but I figured by the time they got here, the people would have left. So I didn't. Then more rocks came and I went to the phone again, but I still didn't. Some people with me were worried that they might die, or that their kids might die, but at least they had there whatchamacallits from their religion that had their name printed on it so they'd be remembered if they died, but then one of the women got frantic because her boy didn't have one.

Then there was the weird dream that was sort of like a videogame, but I don't really remember enough of it to put together any coherent scenes.
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