not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


In which your humble narrator participates in the opening scene of some sort of Final-Fantasy-esque adventure.

Me and my teammates were told about the previous visitors' landing site and after further briefing, we transitioned to the site. We got off their ship--we had finished exploring it off camera--and now things were under my control. I led the group towards although the faintly-glowing objects littering the countryside: abandoned tools and tech from the previous visitors, looking almost like spew from a crash site; and we started picking them up--in fact, the teammates were wandering rather freely from me to pick things up themselves. I raced to pick up the best armor before the teammates, in case I couldn't freely exchange items between people.

I figured as soon as we'd finished picking everything up, we'd have the first battle, but it didn't actually happen. We went into an ice cave right next to the site, and then we stopped there and started playing with the equipment we'd gathered. I talked to the big guy, and he was willing to trade equipment, but not give me anything. There was this ore that all of us had picked up some of, so I asked him for that and he gave it to me. Aha, I figured, maybe I can collect all the ore, and then trade that for equipment. I went over to the sort of creepy guy to ask for his ore, but as I got near he pulled all his piled up stuff closer to him. Hmm, I thought. I talked to him, and when I asked him for his ore, he cursed me and climbed rapidly up the wall and headed north. I went back and told the rest of the party we had to pursue him, and went back after him. The big guy went around the other way, and I climbed up the wall. One of the other party members was using an ice axe or something to climb it much slower than I had, but whatever. I hurried along this inward leaning ledge which felt very perilous, and then there was a chasm I had to leap across. On the other side, for some reason I had to thrash around breaking the crusted snow surface and pushing all the snow off. The big guy was at another entrance to the same space and I called across to him...

Dream ended there, I think.

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