not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Xmas shopping, day 2:

 $60 for my cousin
 $43 for me
 $9 for the state of california

(there was no report on day 1, because I didn't spend any money; it was a washout due to the rain)

My extended family (my mother's siblings and their children--my cousins) do a gift exchange thing where we get one member of the extended family to give a gift to. Each cousin and his or her spouse, if any, count as "one member", but my mother's siblings and their spouses are each separate. My mother's brother and his wife have four kids; my mother's sister and her husband have two kids; my mother has two kids. That means my family has 3 people; the sister's family has 4 people; the brother's family has 6 people. Since nobody in the gift exchange ever draws their own family (people generally all give gifts to everyone in their immediate family), that means, the family-of-6 always has to get 6 of the others of us to give gifts to them, and there are 7 of us outside that family; so pretty much always (6 out of 7 years) I get a gift for somebody from my mother's brother's family, and almost never do I give a gift to someone in my mother's sister's family.

I walked back from Tower Records in Berkeley, where I spent all this money, to Rockridge BART (rather than Berkeley BART that's much closer to Tower). I was thinking about trying to walk all the way home from there--it would have taken a couple of hours but the exercise would have been good and I didn't have anything pressing to do. But it started lightly drizzing when I reached Rockridge BART so I decided not to.
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