not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

road trip

Just got back from a road trip--left yesterday at 9:30am, met the driver at Rockridge BART, and drove down to Los Angeles. On the way down, we saw one active tumbleweed the whole trip--the one that rolled out right in front of itself and hooked itself onto the front bumper, so I had to get out and kick it away. Once we got there, our route led us straight down Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, and I speculated whether they paid mapquest money for that. After verifying our directions, we discovered that we had several hours to kill, so we went back to Hollywood Boulevard and figured we'd wander around and see the sights. We parked in the first major parking garage we spotted, headed up a back staircase, and came out right at Grauman's Chinese Theatre by random chance. We wandered around there, walked down to Sunset Boulevard to see what that was like, walked down to the Amoeba Records on that street, where we verified that my companion's bluegrass band's CD was in stock. Impressively, they had their own divider with their name on it, instead of being stuck in the "Misc Cs".

Later that night, we drove back across Hollywood to a friend of the driver who was putting us up for the night. There we played a little "Old-Time", which appears to be some sub-genre or sibling genre to Bluegrass; I'd never played anything like that before but doing a simple version of the guitar parts was fairly trivial.

The next morning we went to breakfast at a place that serves a chicken waffle special, which none of us had. Then we drove back to San Francisco. On the drive back, we saw about thirty tumbleweeds of significant size crossing the road; one of them had to be half the size of the car. We also hit a brief dust storm that had visibility of maybe 50 or 100 feet. Then there was the long, long period of rain as we got close to SF. The driver dropped me off at home, but I left my backpack in his car and have yet to get it back.

Oh yeah, and somewhere in the middle there we saw Lisa Germano play live at the Club Largo.

My total trip expenses: $30 gas, $5 late lunch, $10 cover, $20 dinner & beer, $10 breakfast -> $65
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