not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake


This was so much more detailed, but I didn't have my laptop with me to get it down before now, and the details are lost.

I was with a bunch of people I had only met recently. We were crashing at someone else's place for the night. There was this sort of videogame that you played by waving at (touching?) a big screen (projection?), maybe an RPG or something, but it got to this point where I did badly, and somebody explained that at that point, you have to actually grab the regular controller for that sort of interaction.

The next morning, we got up, and people took turns taking showers. As some people came out of the shower other people were laughing (in a pleasant way) at how freaky the showerer's hair was. Anyway I got my shower last-ish, and then some stuff happened that I don't remember. Then my brother showed up unexpectedly and said he was going to give me a ride home (?). I'm not sure how I was originally going to get home although I think there was a way, but I agreed, and then started saying goodbye to people. I had only just met them but they were very enthusiastic about their farewells, with sturdy handshakes and whatnot, until one of the women gave me a big hug, and then demanded that one of the other women who I had just sort of waved at come over and join the hug, and the next thing I knew there were like five of us in this hug. Then we broke it, and I realized I still had my hair up in a towel from the shower, and they had all been amused by it but cleverly hadn't laughed to avoid giving it away.

Then I looked around for my brother but he had disappeared. I decided he had gotten impatient and was probably waiting out in the car, so I went out, but he wasn't there. I walked around the estate (?) looking for him, talking to somebody else about this, because it didn't make any sense that he'd have taken off without me, unless maybe he was envious of all the attention I'd been getting.
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