not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

I read Robert Rodriguez' Rebel Without a Crew on the flight out. Someone gave me Crichton's Airframe for Xmas, I assume as a joke since I had to fly home. I speed-read it in a few hours. Then on the flight back I read Samuel Delaney's Jewels of Aptor and Triton

Triton is a great example of a book I just don't get, much like Dhalgren. I can enjoy the individual moments through the book--which is why I still read these things--but I get to the end and it doesn't seem to have added up to anything. Where's my beginning/middle/end? For example, Triton seems to be the story of a misogynistic (?) heterosexual white male who develops a huge crush after a meet-cute, then goes around trying to figure what to do about it, then in the end does something pretty radical which turns out not to solve the problem at all. (Except the radicalness is undercut by the easy reversibility that could have followed.) All of this set to a background of interplanetary war that hardly seems to matter. (I kept waiting to discover that the Spike was actually a spy or something so that the war bit would actually have some significance on the romance storyline, but no.)

Something like Nova works much better for me, since it has a more "traditional" plot arc while still having these outrageous Delaney characters.
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