not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Rode down to Palo Alto with Chris. He got a speeding ticket doing 42 in a 25 zone because we missed a turn and he was trying to make up lost time while we deviated from the official route.

Then sat in Douglas Hofstadter's mother's house for an hour and a half and chatted with him. Meaning DRH, not Chris.

Theoretically we were supposed to be talking about games and AI and trying to encourage him about games-as-microworlds in the sense of "microworld" discussed in Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies, but he wasn't really keen on games. (The context here being that we're trying to get him to do the programming keynote at the 2004 Game Developer's Conference--he bailed on 2003 and offered this lunch-date-without-lunch instead. But he might still do it anyway.) But mostly we talked about the stuff in Fluid Concepts--about progress on MetaCat and where he wishes Letter Spirit had gone. Even though games offer an interesting area to apply microworlds, he didn't seem very interested in engaging outside his fairly narrow cogsci domains; he's much more interested in theory than application.

But hey, I talked to Douglas Hofstadter.
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