not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

A hurried picture I tried and failed to take:

One evening after sunset, I looked over from the courtyard of my buiding and the moon was showing beautifully through the clouds above the church across the street. I rushed into my apartment, grabbed my camera, reloaded the batteries in it, grabbed the tripod, hurried out, and it was behind the clouds by the time I got there. I figured I'd shoot a few test shots to get the exposure right while I waited for it to pop back out.

The camera has a fully manual mode and a light meter that reads from -3 to 3 (I don't know what units). I set it up, and cranked things with the aperature as wide as possible, and had to crank the time to 16 seconds before the light meter read 0.0. This is what resulted:

After I took the picture, the camera showed a light reading of 3.0 or over for a moment, showing how the picture had actually come out. Well, thanks, light meter.

I cranked the camera down to 4 seconds and got this:

I find this pretty amazing, as the only hint that it's not daytime are the apparently incredibly bright street lights.

The light meter was still wrong so I cranked it down to one second (I think), and got

It was clear I just couldn't trust it, and I was curious to finish the series, so I continued reducing it:

After another ten minutes, the moon still hadn't come out from behind the clouds, so I gave up.
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