not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Four dreams, which I could write out in long boring detail, but I won't.. #1 I needed to get home, so I got on the bridge of a federation starship, entered the coordinates for the earth, Washington DC. Several other people wanting to go to different homes got on at the same time. I got there, took a look around, and it was all wrong. Because it was the wrong year! It was Earth in the far future. It turns out that there was a special book with a listing of all the Metro (Washington DC subway system) stops and what faux coordinates to enter for them--my Metro stop was specified by entering the Klingon homeworld coordinates. #2 Some random people were crashed on the floor of my bedroom and woke me up early playing a Mr. Bungle CD. #3 I got hints from some people how to get through a 3d first-person RPG. #4 Some woman stood in a big group of people being initiated. Then we met again a few years later. #5 In a video arcade, somebody explained how game X was a much better simulation of combat than X-Wing and Tie Fighter were. I pointed out that X-Wing and Tie Fighter were simulations of space combat as it occurs in the Star Wars movies, so it wasn't necessarily supposed to be realistic. "Oh," he replied. Ok, FIVE dreams.
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