not a beautiful or unique snowflake (nothings) wrote,
not a beautiful or unique snowflake

Five dreams.

  1. Something with zombies.
  2. There were zombies stalking around outside. A couple of us were in the house. I silently opened the side door, preparing for what I don't know, but then the zombies patrolling by headed for the front door, so we ran out the side. Lots more happened.
  3. I had somehow caused my two married friends from college to split up, i.e. the woman wanted to be with me.
  4. I woke up and couldn't figure out I had dreamed #3 or if it was real, and then the couple was there and told me they had gotten back together after all, so obviously it had been real not a dream. Then the woman and I were going to do stuff together. There was a bit with taking photographs, a bit where I was running down a road at the bottom of a hill to the car that was waiting there for me. The bit where we went to get something to eat and it was taking too long so we ate handfuls of the frozen spaghetti from the tupperware container I had. The bit where we went inside the building to get something to eat then stood waiting forever at the counter/window, the line behind us getting incredibly long, until finally the proprietress came out, and asked who in the line wanted food and who wanted to pick up a package. Everyone in the line answered at once.
  5. We must have been superheroes or something. There was a giant mecha-woman who we were trying to defeat. But she had gotten away, so we went to this pro football game and the other protagonists were on the teams--one each on the two opposing teams, and one was just temping on one of the teams for the day. But the giant mecha-woman showed up in the basement of the stadium, so mostly the dream was the primary protagonist running around fighting the giant mecha-woman: getting knocked miles away and teleporting back; riding back down in an elevator and worrying that mecha-woman would be laying in wait; bunches of people running around with stuffed animals while the giant mecha-woman tried to stomp the stuffed animals.
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